Visit us at BIOFACH 2018

Visit us at BIOFACH 2018


Have you already discovered the new BIO range of Abricome? Authentic traditional recipes in just 2 minutes. Visit us at BIOFACH 2018 from February 14 to 17 in the hall 5, stand 261 nº 13.



Organic products are healthier because they are free of toxins, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers and other additives used for the elimination of pests. They are also richer in vitamins, essential minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron …) and antioxidants.


When we consume organic food we collaborate in the conservation of the environment, water and air. Organic farming is the most respectful of the fauna, which generates a lower contamination of aerosols, produces less carbon dioxide, prevents the greenhouse effect.


The organic products, since they are not refined or contain additives, preserve all their natural flavor and offer us flavor notes more varied than the refined products that we usually consume.

Maximum levels of quality

Organic food comes from organic farming, which uses a production system of maximum reliability because it is subject to traceability from the field to the table by European Regulation 2092/91.

Because they do not contain pesticides

Different toxicological studies carried out demonstrate the relationship between pesticides and certain pathologies such as cancer, allergies and asthma.

The use of pesticides is also harmful to the health of the agricultural worker, a serious problem, where the use of pesticides is poorly regulated.

If you like to eat well, with delicious and nutrient-rich flavors, ABRICOME is the trusted brand, pioneer and reference in prepared dishes since 1965.

Our dishes do not contain dyes or preservatives, thanks to the selection of the best raw materials, and our packaging and sterilization process means that our products are kept in perfect condition for a long time.

With our prepared dishes you can enjoy a wide variety of traditional recipes, so that each day you can eat differently without sacrificing taste or quality.

paellavalenciana paella-verduras garbanzos
estofadoternera albondigas
Visit us at BIOFACH 2018 from February 14 to 17 in the hall 5, stand 261 nº 13.

Eat well, live healthy and enjoy your time.