Who are we?

The value of high quality products


Who are we?

ALIMENTOS PREPARADOS NATURALES, S.L. is a family company founded in 1965 by Félix Herencia Garrido. From its origins, we focus our activity in the production of ready meals. Following, we incorporate a wide range of pates focused on as much for the national market as for the international market.

The sector, where it is located our company, is that of alimentation, and within this, on the subsector of ready meals and pates. The products are commercialized fundamentally under the trade brand “ABRICOME” (opening and eating), with which we offer a high quality, as priority objective, which is achieved thanks to the selection in origin of natural raw materials and to an exacting production process, characteristic of the rich Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

Our products are sterilized in way that they don’t need refrigeration and presented a shelf life at ambient temperature of 2 years, in the case of casseroles and trays, and of 5 years in the case of cans and pates. Our products are certified under strict standards of quality and food safety, protected by the IFS certificate.

The innovation continues, the production capacity and the effective management allow us to offer a complete catalogue of products: pasta, legumes, stews, paellas, Vive Sano range, pates…. Besides, our long tradition has permitted us to evoke recipes from around the world: Portuguese dishes, Halal recipes….

Since our beginning, we have experienced a continued growth thanks to the expansion and loyalty of our customers. The growth strategy is designed for expanding the national market share and for getting share in international markets.

For this reason, we also have our recipes in Doy Pack format, a new line of sterilized pouches that are characterized, like the rest of products, by its conservation at ambient temperature, long shelf-life and easy usage: warm up and ready.

Thanks to all our effort, we consolidated our position among the leading European manufacturers of ready meals.