Discover our new BIO Organic products

Discover our new BIO Organic products


ABRICOME offer you natural products which have a higher concentration of nutrients and more natural taste. Our BIO Organic products, are made without pesticides, artificial additives and others toxic waste which normal products contends.

For this reason, we have extended our BIO Organic products, to continue offering benefits to your health and welfare. Moreover, they benefit to your health and they are good to protect the environment.

ABRICOME has launched 8 new BIO Organic products to enjoy every propriety and advice there are in organic food. You do not need to spend a lot of time looking for and preparing them. They will be ready in just two minutes!

Between new products, we offer vegan food as vegetable paella, integral rice with vegetables, Valencian paella to enjoy good taste of rice, or royal quinoa with vegetables, chickpeas with spinach and vegetable food as pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. Also, we offer other typical meals as meatballs with tomato and beef stew.

Let´s try our new BIO Organic products!